Chasing Traces

December 28, 2018 Josh 0

Republished from Lateral Magazine December 17, 2018Issue 30, Life Science Everywhere an animal goes, it leaves behind microscopic samples of its DNA. Can we exploit […]

Is Anybody Home?

July 18, 2018 Josh 0

by Joshua McIntyre “Jim are you sure there is no one living here anymore?” “Yes the guy who lived here disappeared a couple of weeks […]

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The first episode of The Real Science Podcast is out

January 21, 2019 Josh 0

In the first episode of the Real Science Podcast I talk about transposons in corn, memory recall and transmissible cancer
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Corn Transposon

Memory Recall

Transmissible Cancer

Instant Transport

August 9, 2018 Josh 0

“Hey, look at that guy outside the window.” “Which one?” “The one in the brown suit walking with his head hung down. What do you […]

Time for a New Watch!

August 3, 2018 Josh 0

     Have you ever taken an international flight and as you are starting to put away your book or laptop because the plane is […]